Hong Kong Psychological Services is a long established practice which has served the needs of the people of Hong Kong since 2001.

The Practice is comprised of a group of qualified independent mental health professionals from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds including psychology, psychotherapy, art therapy and counseling who are able to provide a full range of diagnosis, psychological and counseling services in: English, French, Urdu, Hindi, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Individual practitioners draw from a wide range of their individual professional networks including, hospitals, Medical Practices, Psychiatric Units, Substance Abuse Centres, Non-Government Organizations, the Department of Justice and the Family Court. Accordingly, Hong Kong Psychological Services is able to provide a broad range of services to families, adults, adolescents and children and a comprehensive referral service when required.

Hong Kong Psychological Services 自2001年於中環設立治療中心以來,一直為香港市民服務。我們是一群具有專業認可資格的心理學家、治療師及輔導員,提供專業診斷、心理及輔導服務。我們來自不同的專業範疇及背景,包括心理學、心理治療、藝術治療、輔導等,並能以英語、法語、烏爾都語、印度語、普通話和廣東話進行診斷及治療。